Terms and Conditions of FONESTOCKROOM

The objective is to communicate to Fonestockroom's customers the after-sales service policies. This document has been created to optimise customer service within the ecommerce in a fair and efficient way.
Good customer service is fundamental to a good track record for Fonestockroom, this document defines our commitment and creates the foundation for a fruitful and successful collaboration between the two parties.
All terms beginning with a capital letter are covered by the General Terms and Conditions of Sale or the Terms and Conditions which the seller declares to be fully aware of having read and accepted them.

Customer service

Fonestockroom's vision of customer support:
Supporting Customers does not only mean answering them when they have a problem. First and foremost, it means sending them the right product (model and aesthetic grade) within the advertised delivery time. It also means answering any questions they may have and anticipating them by making use of the messaging tools offered on the platform to reduce incidents and the number of conversations.


ARTICLE 1 - Pre-sale

The Products sold on the Platform must comply with Spanish and European legislation. All Products advertised on the Platform must have passed a series of checks before being offered for sale.
Only fully checked and 100% functional Products can be sold.

The sales service covers Spain, mainland and Balearic Islands. We do not sell to the Canary Islands.

1.1 Checks

The checkpoints are as follows:

- Buttons - Operator unlocking - Wifi/ Bluetooth/ 3G/ 4G

- Microphone and loudspeakers - SIM tray - Cameras

- IMEI - Headset - Reset to initial settings

- Proximity Sensors - Oxidation - Jack

- Charger - Touch/Face ID - Flash

– Red

In addition, the Seller must inform us of:

1. Batteries:
- Guarantee less than 20% wear and tear

2. The screens:
- Are new/reconditioned/original
- Tested by machine/software/manually, etc.
- When replaced with new/reconditioned/compatible

1.2. The aesthetic grade of smartphones

The external grade of the Products shall correspond to the following aesthetic grades. A ding or scratch is sufficient to consider it in a lower aesthetic grade as this usually generates a large number of product returns from dissatisfied customers.
In any case, products must be tested, verified and cleaned by the seller before being offered for sale on the Platform. Only 100% functional products will be sold within Fonestockroom.

A reminder of the three aesthetic grades available at Fonestockroom:

AS NEW: May contain aesthetic details that will not be visible when the product is held at a distance of 30 centimetres.

GOOD CONDITION: Device with minor cosmetic details on casing and/or display which may be visible when the product is held at a distance of 30 centimetres.

No Face/Touch ID grade: Devices that work properly. Good aesthetic grade but do not have Face/Touch ID function.

1.3 Client information

At Fonestockroom we make it a priority to provide clear, fair and transparent information about the product and the conditions of sale at any time during the relationship with the customer.
We provide any consumer client with the pre-contractual information required by the Consumer Code. We also guarantee the customer the effective exercise of his legal right of withdrawal.

1.4 Product stock management

Stock is regularly updated by the vendor and order cancellations due to a stock problem must be communicated to customers within 24 hours.
Order cancellations have a major negative impact on the customer experience, which is why we organise stock efficiently using specialised software.
To avoid cancellations in the case of out-of-stock products, whenever possible, we try to find another solution together with the customer within 24 hours.

ARTICLE 2 - Shipment of Products

Shipping is an increasingly important issue for e-commerce and a sensitive issue for customers.
For this reason, we work with the most prestigious shipping companies in order to guarantee a good tracking of the order and the respect of the delivery times announced in order to ensure a good shopping experience.

2.1 Packaging

Corporate packaging suitable for the product, avoiding damage during transport.

2.2 Proof of purchase

Each package delivered must contain proof of purchase from Fonestockroom.

2.3 Delivery times

The product will be dispatched within 24 working hours after validation of the order placed. The delivery times offered by the carrier are 24 hours or 48 working hours.

2.4 Order tracking

The tracking number of the order and the name of the carrier must always be communicated to the customer and must correspond to his order. The customer must be able to track his order as soon as he is informed of the tracking number.

ARTICLE 3 - After-sales

The aim is to make after-sales service as easy and efficient as possible for the customer. If a customer is treated correctly, the quality of the service is emphasised, which in turn contributes to customer loyalty, even if the customer has received a defective product.

3.1 About shipments of Products

In the event of a delay in shipment, inform the customer of the new delivery date, offer him a commercial gesture and give him the tracking number again.
- In case of a lost parcel, reimburse the customer within 48 hours. If the customer explicitly asks for a similar product to be sent to him, do not proceed with the
reimbursement but send, if possible, a new product.
- In case of a package not received by the customer despite having confirmation of delivery by the carrier, an investigation must be initiated with the carrier with the following
documentation, to be provided by the seller: affidavit in writing from the customer and a photocopy of the customer's ID card. Once the investigation has begun, the customer must be reimbursed within 72 hours.

3.2 Responding as soon as possible to Clients.

The faster your responses are, the more satisfaction you will receive from your customers. That's why we aim to respond to customers within 24 hours of their message, or 48 hours at the latest.

3.3 Quality of messages

We send well-constructed and pleasant messages ("Hello", "We are sorry for the inconvenience", "Greetings"). These are the small details that make the difference. Communicating with our customers in complete sentences, in a relevant and effective way to minimise the number of messages exchanged.

3.4 Returns management

In accordance with the terms and conditions of use, our customers do not have to pay for the shipping of their terminal in case of cancellation due to a change of mind or in case of warranty claims. The costs of this service will be borne by Fonestockroom as long as the terminal shows functional faults subject to warranty.

3.5 Multiple returns

(Not communicated to customers to avoid abuse)

a) Double return
If the Customer has to return the Product a second time due to a technical fault, the Product must be replaced by an identical one or refunded.

b) Threefold return
If the Customer has to return the Product for a third time due to a technical fault, the Customer will receive (on request) a full refund of the purchase price.

3.6 Accessories

The accessories that appear with the purchase of the terminal are gifts offered by Fonestockroom. These devices are not covered by warranty unless they do not work at the time of receipt of the terminal.

3.7 Time limit for processing a return

From receipt of the Product, we have 5 working days to repair, replace or refund the customer.

3.8 Commercial gestures

Commercial gestures are advisable when the service offered does not correspond to what was announced to the customer when the order was placed.


Refurbished by Apple-certified service partners

For purchase requests, please use the order form:

1- The client will receive an approximate valuation based on the characteristics described in this form.

2- In case of acceptance of the purchase amount of your terminal we proceed to the collection, without shipping costs, and verification of these characteristics.

3- If the information provided in the form coincides with our verification and economic proposal, payment will be made immediately to the current account indicated by you.

4- In the event of any discrepancy between the status provided on this form and the actual status after our verification, the customer will be informed of this discrepancy and the customer will have to give us in writing by e-mail his agreement with the new valuation price in order to make the payment to the current account indicated by him.


Refurbished by Apple-certified service partners


All handsets sold by Fonestockroom are in perfect working order and have been repaired or serviced by an Apple certified expert.
Fonestockroom checks the correct functioning of the device with specific software that also measures the performance of the batteries.
After-sales service via form, email or telephone on our contact page.

The period of withdrawal by the customer and in which the refund can be made is 14 days without justification.

After 14 days from the delivery of the terminal, the 1 year warranty will come into force from the date of purchase with the following conditions:
1. The return will never be effective unless agreed with the company.
2. The customer undertakes to review the equipment purchased in order to expedite the detection of any fault.
3. The warranty must manage the logistics of shipping and return.


Warranty 1 year of the terminal.

It does not cover failures resulting from knocks or negligent practices on the part of the customer.

Applicable to new or pre-owned devices of "Perfect" and "As New" aesthetic grade.

Fonestockroom does not provide warranty on terminal equipment and/or accessories that show traces of moisture, physical damage (bumps, scratches, etc.) or signs of having been opened, manipulated and/or tampered with by unauthorised personnel.

Repair of equipment (Delivery of the device in use)

In the case of an irreparable failure within the warranty period, a stock device will be delivered or a credit note will be issued to the customer, whichever is more convenient for the parties.

All warranties must be identified with their failure, otherwise the time to service and repair the equipment may be affected.